Sedan vs. Coupe: What’s the Difference?

2020 Nissan Versa Sedan

You might think you know the answer to this question already; that coupes have two doors, and sedans have four! While this is one distinction, it’s not the only one that can show you the difference between a coupe and sedan. Ryan Family Dealerships is here to help explain this difference in depth, as well as to help you find the right car for your Williston commute.

Differences Between Coupe and Sedan

Here is a brief explanation of differences between these two styles of car, but by no means is it the full list:

  • Door count: When it comes down to comparing sedan vs. coupe models, door count is the most obvious difference, as coupes will have two doors, while sedans have four.
  • Performance: Coupes tend to be smaller in size, which gives them a performance more akin to a sports car due to decreased weight. Sedans meanwhile have additional engine options and suspension upgrades, which come with increased weight.
  • Exterior style: Coupes will be shorter with longer doors and rear windows, lending them more to a sports car style look. Sedans, however, emphasize luxury styling and shorter doors.
  • Interior size: Sedans will usually have seating for five, with plenty of head and leg room. Coupes usually are smaller, and typically only seats two.
  • Cargo Space: Sedans are longer by design, giving them more cargo space for all your needs in Minot that a coupe usually doesn’t offer.

Sedan vs. Coupe: Which is Better for Me?

Sedans are the ideal model for larger families, or those that frequently carpool or have additional passengers. The extra room that Sedans offer are also ideal if you find yourself needing more cargo space. But for performance, handling, and looks without too much concern for cargo space, you can’t go wrong with a coupe. However, it is always best to look at the features offered by both styles of car to find the right car for you.

Explore the Difference Between Our Coupes and Sedans in Person

Now that you’re more knowledgeable about the differences between sedans and coupes, you can explore both of them in person at any of our showrooms near Bismarck or the surrounding areas. You can view our inventory online, or contact us today to schedule a test drive or have any questions answered! Ready to upgrade to a sedan or coupe? Learn how to trade-in your car today at our dealership before getting behind the wheel of your dream ride.

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