What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

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What does certified pre-owned mean? The meaning behind “certified pre-owned,” or CPO as it’s commonly abbreviated, varies based on each automotive brand’s CPO program. Still, as a general rule, CPO vehicles combine the high quality and condition of a like-new vehicle with the lowered price point of a used car, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Read more about the perks of choosing a CPO vehicle below, or contact Ryan Family Dealerships now!

CPO: Meaning & Perks

Certified pre-owned vehicles are available from a variety of modern automakers, and no matter what kind of CPO car you buy, there are requirements that distinguish it in quality from other used vehicles. These include:

  • Model Year: Certified pre-owned vehicles must be no older than a set model year. Most often, this is something like 3-5 years of age. 
  • Miles: Certified vehicles must have less than a specified number of miles – often 75,000 or less. 
  • Vehicle History Report: Each certified pre-owned vehicle generally offers some type of vehicle history report so you’re aware of how it’s been maintained by previous owners.
  • Inspection: Each certified pre-owned vehicle must first pass a rigorous quality assurance inspection before being certified. 

Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Hesitant to shell out top-dollar for a brand-new vehicle? Worried, too, about the reliability of a used car? If so, then a certified pre-owned vehicle could be perfect for you. Here are some unique benefits to buying CPO:

  • You can buy with confidence knowing that your vehicle has been inspected from top to bottom by a certified expert. 
  • Every CPO car comes with bumper-to-bumper limited warranty coverageto protect your investment.
  • Most often, CPO vehicles also offer roadside assistance coverage and additional coverage that’s purchasable to extend the standard CPO coverage.
  • Coverage is often transferable from one owner to another.

Used vs. Certified Pre-Owned vs. New Vehicles

  • Used Vehicles: Tend to have lower prices and a larger variety of vehicles in terms of makes, models, features, mileage, and age
  • New Vehicles: Give you the latest technologies and the peace of mind that comes with a brand-new model
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: A great middle ground between buying new vs. used with ample amenities made accessible for a lower price than in a new vehicle, but with more peace of mind than a normal used vehicle

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