How to Use Paddle Shifters

2021 Dodge Charger Steering Wheel with Paddle Shifters


Your vehicle may be equipped with paddle shifters. If it is, do you know what they do? Paddle shifters are a feature that’s standard or available on many modern cars, but we often get questions from car owners about how to use paddle shifters as well as about what paddle shifters actually do. Well, we’re here to help you settle both questions and make the most of your driving experiences! Read on or contact us to learn more!

What Are Paddle Shifters?

Paddle shifters are a function of some sporty vehicles or vehicles in higher trims that let you change gears manually without a clutch (in other words, they’re equipped on automatic cars). They are often found behind the steering wheel on either side. When you click the paddle in manual mode, the vehicle’s gear will change accordingly.

Why are paddle shifters common? Well, they’re easy to use, and they offer more control to help you manage your RPMs better on the streets of Minot and Williston. This can help you increase fuel economy if used correctly.

How to Use Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are usable only in manual mode, meaning your car must have an automatic transmission with a “sport” model or “manual” mode. Often, such transmissions are called “manumatics” because you can switch from the fully automatic mode to a quasi “manual” mode that lets you change gears without the hassle of depressing the clutch that would be found in a standard manual vehicle. Don’t worry about harming your vehicle when shifting gears, as the paddle shifters won’t change gears if:

  • You upshift before the engine reaches the lower limit of the higher gear
  • You downshift before reaching the upper limit of the lower gear
  • You press one paddle while the other is being held down
  • You press both paddles at the same time
  • You try to shift to third or higher while stationary
  • If you’d rather let the automatic transmission take over for a while, just enter D mode.

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