How to Be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

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All Minot drivers want to save money on fuel. The best way to do that is to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits that will help conserve fuel on your daily commutes to . Along with using fuel-efficient driving habits, buying a fuel-efficient can help maximize your fuel-saving potential. However, we know buying a new car is not a viable option for everyone, so we’ve created this guide to fuel-efficient driving habits that you can practice today! Contact us for information on our fuel-efficient vehicles for sale.

6 Tips for Being a Fuel-Efficient Driver

Asking yourself, “How can you save fuel while driving on hills or roads?” Our guide can help. Use the following tips below to optimize your fuel-efficiency on the streets of and beyond:

  1. Plan Ahead for Traffic: Leave 15 minutes before rush hour to avoid stop and go traffic that will cause wear to your drivetrain and use more gas.
  2. Avoid High Speeds: Vehicles use more gas at high speeds. When you’re driving on the highway, travel at a speed between 55 mph and 65 mph to use less gas.
  3. Accelerate Softly: Don’t slam your foot down on the accelerator. Rather, accelerate slowly, taking a minimum of 5 seconds to bring your car to 10 mph from a standstill.
  4. Coast to a Stop: Applying your brakes quickly will use more gas than coasting, as well as wear down your brakes faster. Give yourself time to coast to a stop for fuel-efficient driving habits.
  5. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Drive uphill at a low speed, and coast downhill to reduce fuel outtake.
  6. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly: Air conditioning increases fuel usage by 20%. If you want to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits, use air conditioning sparingly.

Explore Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for Sale at Ryan Family Dealerships!

If you’re wondering how to be more fuel-efficient, the best way to do that is to buy a fuel-efficient car. Explore our inventory online from the comfort of your home, and apply for financing to see if you’re approved for financing or leasing! Learn what type of gas you should use for your new or used car with our guide to premium vs. regular gas or check out our guide to learn when to use low gear!

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