How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Cleaning Leather Car Seat


Leather car seats are certainly a luxury. As is the case with many luxury items, they require careful attention and upkeep to maintain their condition. Ensure that you’re caring for your leather car seats the right way with regular cleaning and conditioning. How? We’re glad you asked. Here’s a guide to leather seat care, brought to you by the Ryan Family Dealerships! Have questions after reading? Contact us anytime!


Tips on How to Clean Leather Car Seats Safely & Effectively

Looking to restore the original luster to your leather car seats? Clean your leather upholstery according to the following tips, and you’ll be well on your way to clean, supple leather in no time:

  1. Wipe your leather with a clean, slightly damp cloth, and vacuum the crevices to remove dust, sand, and dirt.
  2. Once you’ve removed the surface contaminants from your leather, apply a pH-neutral cleaning solution. You can spray onto the upholstery directly unless you have perforated leather, in which case you should spray the cloth or cleaning pad.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled brush to gently remove more stubborn/embedded dirt and grime. This may require a couple of applications. 
  4. Apply an approved leather conditioner to your seats, gently working it in using a clean microfiber cloth. Let the conditioner dry slightly, and then buff it with another clean microfiber cloth. Why bother using a leather conditioner? Leather is an animal-derived product. Like human skin, it can get dry, and when it does, it can crack. Leather conditioner ensures that it remains soft and supple, hydrating it and providing more elasticity.

What Cleaning Products Should Be Used for Leather Seat Care?

If your leather is extremely dirty, you can use warm water with a bit of gentle soap or a specially made leather cleaner to wipe down the seats. In the event that you want to provide quick clean-up in-between more thorough cleanings, you can use a damp clean, colorless cloth. In all instances, avoid using: 

  • Dark cloth
  • Strong detergents
  • Sharp objects that may scratch
  • Household cleaner
  • Furniture polish

More Helpful Leather Care Advice

  1. Keep a travel bottle of leather cleaning solution and clean microfiber cloths on hand in your vehicle. That way, if you find yourself driving far from home and you spill something, you can get it cleaned quickly without it leaving a stain or drying.
  2. Garage your vehicle if possible and keep it in a climate-controlled environment. This will go a long way in preserving your leather. 
  3. Try to park in the shade to avoid the sun bleaching your leather repeatedly over time.

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